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Ten Directions GmbH from Heidelberg, Germany

With our experience in the event world, we have specialised in finding experts around the world. Our outstanding services have brought a large group of customers to us — including competitors.. Our motto “WE MOVE PEOPLE” goes far beyond moving people from Start to Finish.

Perfect Event Staging — With Ten Directions Event

You cannot email your business philosophy.

The Ten Directions GmbH specialises in the dramaturgical realisation of your event. With its broad product range around the theme of brand staging, directing and dramaturgy, we offer comprehensive consulting, conception, artist mediation, and services around the realisation of your projects.

BMW M5 China National Launch 2018


Ten Directions is a leader in high-precision, stunt and show rides. We consider every small factor in our planning and deliver the right performance for the respective product and the respective show.

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Stage Direction - VW T-ROC China National Launch 2018

Stage Direction

For more than ten years we have been conducting countless national product launches and special events for international corporations, small businesses and local agencies — also thanks to our extensive multilingual international network.

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Show Design - VW New Golf China National Launch 2017

Show Design

Live events are an integral part of each company’s communication mix. Everything has to be perfectly staged to ensure the desired impact of your event.

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Trainings — More Skills With Ten Directions Training

Our stage management expertise has led us to develop a training program for people in the public eye.

Speaker Training by Sebastian Maier-Hallard

Speaker Training

After 20 years as a director in the live event industry, I have seen everything. From the best, to the (unfortunately) worst. But speaking in front of an audience is not rocket science. So in recent years, I have developed a compendium that really helps everyone to advance a gigantic sentence, or to optimise the subtleties of the upper spheres of live communication.

Our speaker training program is different from others. We focus not just on what’s really important on stage, but also on those who matter: You. With a holistic approach.

We are also especially looking forward to the “difficult” cases, because, really, everyone can learn to speak in front of an audience. Whether you are reading from the teleprompter, working on a presentation, talking freely or in an interview — we teach you the right techniques to make you shine.

What emerged from a chance encounter became a coaching and training that works in groups or in individual coaching. From a few hours as an “instant” training to a two-day seminar.

With our help, numerous customers such as BMW China, Siemens, Lifeplus, and many others have since successfully improved their speakers.

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New Performance Training

Performance Training

Our goal is to develop a new training program for companies, organisations and business people to improve their performance based on the systematic implementation of awareness and mindfulness as a daily routine. Using a questionnaire, we want to examine the challenges you face. With your feedback we will specify our new program. Therefore, your participation is very valuable — for us and for future participants.

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