Sebastian Maier-Hallard

After 20 years as a director in the live event industry, I, Sebastian Maier-Hallard, have seen everything — from the best to the (alas) worst.

But speaking in front of an audience is not rocket science. So in recent years, I’ve developed a compendium that really helps everyone to move up a giant phrase – or just tweak the subtleties of the upper spheres of live communication.


Our Speaker Training Programme is different from others. We focus not just on what’s really important on the stage, but also on those who matter: you. With a holistic approach.

We are especially looking forward to the “difficult” cases, because really everyone can learn to speak in front of an audience and master it. Whether you are reading from the teleprompter, working on a presentation, talking freely or in an interview, we teach you the right techniques to make you shine in front of your audience.

What emerged from a chance encounter is today a coaching and training that works in groups or in individual coaching. From a few hours as an “instant” training to a two-day seminar.

Renowned clients such as BMW China, Siemens, Lifeplus, and many others have since successfully improved their speakers with our help.

Bottom Line, Speakers Trained by Us Move People

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