Unforgettable Photo Tours with Tokpa Korlo

Tokpa Korlo has spent his entire life in the epicenter of the Buddhist world. He has created a unique blend of Eastern art and stylish documentary in his photos and short films. These have attracted attention in his ever-growing international social media presence.


As a restless globetrotter, Tokpa has developed and refined unique abilities, both in terms of his photographic style and the way he approaches travel.

From the high mountains of Nepal or Ladakh to the jungles of Southeast Asia; from the snow-covered plains of Mongolia to the dark streets of Asia’s megacities; Tokpa Korlo is at home here, taking the essence of travel as an opportunity to practice mindfulness and compassion.


From a photographic point of view, Tokpa shows you how to really see the environment around, training you in fearless art, sacred architecture and bridging the gap between cultures, traditions, and colour.

From landscapes to portraits, action, documentary and reportage, Tokpa’s approach to photography is more adventure seeking than traditional, and his blend of humour and positive energy have earned him a following of other “life seekers.” For him, the entire idea of photography is to pursue the expression of who we really are — what moves us, what inspires us.

Post Production

As a photo editor, Tokpa pushes the limits of what we could ever expect from our work. Plus, he brings this unique and expert knowledge to his students in Lightroom training groups all over the world.

As a Photography Tour Leader, he imparts his love for travel, adventure, and self-discovery as an artist and explorer to all who accompany him.

And after a long day of adventure and shooting, you’ll always find him sharing a tea and a training chat with his students, looking through day’s shots and seeing how far they can be pushed to unleash the true creativity and potential inside of them.

Artistic Style

Tokpa Korlo has created a unique style of photography that is possible to experience with your heart. Thanks to his honesty, his work has gained worldwide attention.

Tokpa’s productions are a labor of love. It means the world to him — he has dedicated his life to this ideal.

Both Windhorse Rising (his work with NGOs and charity groups) and his Dharma Imagery Project (his work with the Buddhist world) was created for the single purpose to share inspiration, devotion, joy, and gratitude to all.

Tokpa Korlo Portfolio / Ten Directions Photo Tours, Nepal-India-Bhutan-Tibet-Mongolia
Tokpa’s Photo Portfolio

Why Go On a Photo Tour with a Guide?

Why would you ever want to take a tour with a photo guide? Isn’t the whole point of exploration to be alone with your camera in the midst of the great vast space of the unknown?

Tokpa Korlo Portfolio / Ten Directions Photo Tours, Nepal-India-Bhutan-Tibet-Mongolia

• Having an experienced guide who has been there and knows the path will give you a lot of freedom. Tokpa Korlo knows where to start, where the best angles and locations are. He knows the locals and customs to arrange everything in advance so you can just come, shoot, and savor.

• If you need help, a guide can show you how to best use your equipment and set you free. At the end of every day, Tokpa Korlo sits with you to look through what you shot and shares all of his professional knowledge and experiences in the amazing art of post-production and polishing of your photos.

• A good guide helps to bring out the most in your work, and in you. Tokpa Korlo gives you the freedom to create, explore, invent, and inspire yourself beyond anything you ever imagined — all while having the safety net of support that comes with an organized tour, letting you focus and enjoy your trip.

Join us in discovering the unknown, in exploring ourselves, in making new friends, in building long-lasting memories.