Recently I went on a Project Management Training Tour 2018  to Kalimpong, India and Kathmandu, Nepal.

This is the luggage for my trip over 13 days. I did not want to have checked-in luggage this time, but give it a try how to travel as a ‘digital nomad’. I picked a Pacsafe 40l which meets most of the requirements for carry-on luggage of International Airlines. On the second photo, you can see what I chose to take with me.

Event Project Management Tour Ten Directions, India and Nepal, 2018

Event Project Management Tour Ten Directions, India and Nepal, 2018

13 days, 6 flights, 3 Airlines, 2 countries (Delhi and West-Bengal/India and Kathmandu /Nepal), only with one piece of carry-on luggage, the wonderful #pacsafe 40l. This was a test for me and a completely new experience. It was really worth not being stressed with check-in luggage, potential baggage loss (which occurs much too often) or waiting endlessly at the belts.

I want to share this experience as many of our clients from Ten Directions GmbH and Ten Directions Buddhist Travel travel on tours and may be inspired. The Pacsafe 40l is designed for so-called digital nomads and is a member of quite a new generation of luggage which meets the specifications of hand-luggage of most airlines in the world.

I decided to go with this product as it was easy to test and buy, the price is still high but reasonable, and it provides excellent value for money. Yet there are other producers on the market. It provides several compartments which are very difficult to access for thieves, an RFID shielded pocket for credit cards and passports. It can be easily attached to furniture with a very clever system at the carrying belts and secured and locked by TSA locks and its complex zipper system.

So I’d like to share what I’ve packed into this beauty, but also carried with me in pants and jacket.

My luggage consisted in:

– 5 black t-shirts, quick drying

– 5 underpants, quick drying

– 5 pairs of socks, bamboo fabric

– 2 pairs of shoes, light and breathing

– 2 black pants, quick-drying

– 1 outdoor softshell jacket

– 2 pack cubes, 1 large for laundry, 1 medium for all electronic cables and such

– 1 shopping plastic bag for use laundry

– 5 small plastic bags with zippers for paperwork, liquids, and other items

– 100ml each of shampoo, shower gel, and laundry detergent

– nail clipper

– 10ml eau de toilette

– 50ml deo

– 100ml mosquito repellent (the good one)

– 20mAh power bank

– 15″ Microsoft surface book 2

– 10″ Samsung tablet

– all kinds of connectors and adapters such as USB-C to HDMI and VGA for my workshop presentations, power plugs

– bose quiet control 30 headphones for silence or entertainment

– smart watch galaxy S3

– Sony Alpha 6series camera incl. extra battery

– extra hard disk 1TB + 64 GB USB drive

– pair of sunglasses

– pair of extra glasses

– passport

– I-clip wallet with RFID shield

– some basic medicine

– Hajoona h-sun green coffee and Hajoona h-one vitamin boost for each day (the ideal supplement for simple food)

– netflix downloads and digitalized textbooks for fun, training, reading, and practice

– and minor paperwork for India and Nepal visa and flights

– keys

Finally, I have to say: I did not miss anything throughout any part of my travels.