There are rarely events we’ve experienced where the audience has been that much involved – by every senses they have.

The Launch event of the “Audi Sport” brand in Shanghai has possibly been one of the best events in terms of so called 360° communication (btw we call it the communication in ten directions). Placed in the first floor of an (sorry to say it like this) insane mothership, built for one night in the paddocks of the “Audi Shanghai International Circuit”. The audience was in the middle of something like driving madness, that thing where these sports cars were flying in and out like drones. There is no closer one could get to experience the immense power of the Audi R8 V10 Performance, the decent massiveness RS7 and the all new RS6 Avant.

Ten Directions GmbH supported this incredible Show with careography and stage direction. We want to thank our 19 drivers, thereof the amazing team of Double Action Ronnie Paul and Antonios Varvasoudis and Utoo Racing Team Beijing for the amazing drifts, their patience, and DMG for their confidence as our client.

#careography & #stagedirection
August 30, 2016, Shanghai